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CardioThoracic Surgeon

Cardiothoracic is basically identified as a surgical specialty dealing with the identification, diagnosis and control of surgical conditions associated with the heart, lungs and esophagus. It is basically a technical specialty which involves combining of the know-how of cardiovascular and respiratory anatomy cardiac and thoracic pathology.

One of the very common Cardiothoracic operations is lobectomy or Pneumonectomy meant to treat carcinoma of the lungs. The basic skill set that is required for being a skillful and renowned surgeon includes competency and ability to handle the intensive care unit.

DR. Dharma Rakshak Ayapati preferred to become Cardiothoracic Surgeon since he developed a special interest in this field and still working to bring notable discoveries and innovation in this particular forte.

Development of sustainable heart and lung transplantation program at the Institute with a special program of Cardiac surgery occurred for the patients who cannot afford to pay for the expensive heart surgeries.

He is working on development of research oriented platform that could connect scientists and medical experts. The main aim behind creating such a platform is the reduction in the cost of equipments required by the hospital management authorities to look after patient in variety of ailments.

Building a Centre for Excellence and Super Specialty programs exclusively for managing end organ failure in Medical and Surgical specialties i.e., DM in Transplantation Medicine.

Being best and dedicated to his work, he believes in striving for quality and innovation. For his it is not merely a goal but meaning of his life. With strongly in favor of the need of sophisticated technology and contemporary facilities to bring high quality and up to date medical care, it is his entire staff of surgeons, nurses and technicians at Global Hospitals in Hyderabad that work in coordination by combining their expertise and knowledge to assist the patients in the best possible manner.