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Cardiac Tests & Heart Screenings

Plenty of patients come asking whether it is necessary to do regular cardiovascular screening. The answer is straightforward YES. Yes, it is extremely essential to help detect risk factors if any and at the earliest stages.
Suspecting an ailment in your heart and not getting proper advice come to us. Global Hospitals- The Center of Excellence, Advanced Heart, Lung & Vascular Institute helps you provide a series of cardiac tests and screening which are necessary.

Some of the most common cardiac tests include:

The first cardiac test which is recommended for patient detected with heart problem.

Stress test / stress ECG
It is another ECG test that is recommended at times of stress. The patients are made to walk on a treadmill and ECG & blood pressure is measured simultaneously. Stress ECG is preferred these days more than rest ECG, since it provides more information.

This test is used to detect any problem in pumping of the heart. It also helps you to understand the movement of heart valves which are known to manage blood flow in and out of the heart.

Thallium stress test / nuclear medicine stress test
It is similar to the Stress test. This test involves the injection of a dye is into the patient's heart and then images are clicked of before and after the test.

Coronary angiogram or angiography
Angiography is most popular and highly recommended test for detecting heart disease. The test is used to locate the specific locations of blockages or narrowing present in the coronary arteries.